Elderly Care Tips: Helping Your Loved Ones Build and Maintain Friendships

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Isolation and loneliness are common among aging adults, and if your senior parents are coping with these feelings it might be more serious than just feeling disconnected from the world around Elderly-Care-Glendale-COthem. Seniors who feel isolated and lonely are far more likely to experience significant mental and emotional health consequences such as depression, anxiety, stress, decreased memory and cognitive skills, and loss of motivation that can increase the rate of physical decline.

While you spend time with your aging parents and they may spend all of their time together as well, they could still be dealing with severe loneliness and isolation due to the lack of variety in their social interactions. Helping them to build and maintain friendships is a powerful step in supporting ongoing mental and emotional health, strong memory skills, sharp cognitive processing skills, and high quality of life that will keep them going throughout their later years.

An 80-year-long study begun by researchers from Stanford University showed that people who maintain strong social networks throughout their lives are more likely to live longer and healthier than those who are predominantly isolated.

Sometimes helping seniors get more active can be challenging, especially if they have not been out in the social world for some time or are dealing with limitations and other problems that make it more difficult for them to get out of the house or involved in activities. With support and encouragement from you and their elderly health care services provider, however, your parents can get out, build new friendships, and maintain them beneficially as they age in place.


Use these tips, and share them with your loved ones’ elderly health care services provider, to help your seniors build and maintain beneficial friendships that will support their health throughout their later years:

• Find their interests. Everyone is interested in something, and chances are, there is a group or organization that allows others interested in that activity or thing to come together and enjoy it. Talk with your parents about their interests and find clubs or organizations in your area that they can join. This is a great way for them to meet other likeminded people with similar interests so they can start building friendships supported by these shared likes.

• Get involved in worship. Houses of worship are wonderful sources of social networks that allow seniors to meet people with shared beliefs, morals, and cultural experiences, and to participate in organized activities together.

• Address limitations and challenges. Many seniors start to withdraw from social experiences because of their limitations and challenges. Whether it is hearing loss, vision problems, balance and mobility challenges, or other issues, seniors often feel embarrassed by these issues and may not want to spend time with others, worrying that they will not be able to interact successfully or that they will encounter judgement or ridicule from others. Provide emotional support and encouragement to your seniors so that they feel empowered to not only handle their limitations and challenges, but to also put them aside as they seek out friendships. Remind them that everyone has their own issues and that it should not stand in the way of their friendships.

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