Helping Your Loved One Track Arthritis Symptoms

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No matter what type of arthritis your loved one has, it’s painful and it can be difficult to cope with. There’s a tool that you can use, though, that can help you and her medical team to come up with Senior-Care-Greenwood-Village-COa more comprehensive treatment plan. All you need to do is track her arthritis symptoms.

Set Aside a Specific Location to Log Information

This habit won’t do you or your loved one any good if you’re hunting down scrap pieces of paper that might have the information you want on them. Set aside a specific notebook just for the purposes of tracking your loved one’s arthritis symptoms. Some important information to track includes:

  • Pain levels
  • Activities and duration
  • Other symptoms
  • Food

You may notice other pieces of information that you want to track or your loved one’s doctor may have other suggestions. The key is to log any information that helps you to determine what could be going on with your loved one’s arthritis, so it’s okay to add information as you track.

Make Time to Keep Logs

The logs do no one any good if you’re not keeping up with putting information into them. The key to doing this is to set aside time several times per day that you jot down information from your loved one’s day. If you’re not able to be with your loved one all day yourself, make sure you let her elder care providers know what your routine is for logging information into her arthritis journal. Her care providers can even offer helpful advice about what else you might want to track.

Go Through the Information

Your loved one’s arthritis log does no one any good if you don’t periodically review the information. Sometimes it’s difficult to see patterns while they’re happening, but when you see the information logged on paper, it’s a lot easier to notice. There may be specific foods that make her arthritis pain worse, such as wine with dinner. There may also be some activities that wind up more painful than others. Going through the logs often can help you to spot those important pieces of information and you can put them to use.

Take the Log to Doctor’s Visits

Your loved one’s doctor also needs to take a look at her arthritis logs. He can spot trends and patterns that may not make sense to you, such as other food triggers or even the fact that her medication needs to be switched up or tweaked a bit. Having everything on paper means that you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything.

Tracking your loved one’s arthritis symptoms can help you find the right treatment plan for her.

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