Hip Problems and Elderly Loved Ones

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Hip injuries are among the most frightening ones for elderly loved ones. It’s all too easy to trip over something or to simply have a wobbly moment and end up in the hospital with a preventable Elderly Care in Aurora COinjury. Although hip fractures are a common problem, there are things that you can do as a family caregiver to make them less likely.

Risks and Causes of Hip Injuries

Ending up with a broken hip can be a result of a wide range of factors. Osteoporosis and medications that can weaken bones are a contributing factor, of course, as is poor nutrition and hereditary aspects. Women are more likely than men to lose bone density quickly, and this can often mean that women are more likely to experience broken hips and other injuries to the hip. Falls are the most common cause of hip breaks and other injuries, so it’s important to do whatever is possible to reduce the risk of falling.

Signs of a Broken Hip

A broken hip can be painfully obvious to the injured party, but this isn’t always the case, unfortunately. Often someone with a broken hip is not able to stand at all and cannot put weight on the injured leg. Elderly loved ones may also have stiffness or swelling in the hip area or the leg may turn outward depending on the exact injury. If you suspect at all that your elderly loved one may have broken a hip, it’s essential to get medical attention right away. The sooner you can get her to treatment, the more easily she will be able to heal.

Recovering from a Broken Hip

Treatment for a broken hip may involve surgery. In some cases, a broken hip can even necessitate a hip replacement, either partial or full. Recovery can take a while, depending on the nature of the break. Physical therapy is a must after a broken hip because your elderly loved one will need to learn how to strengthen the muscles around the break. Balance exercises and gait training are also common therapy treatments after a hip injury so that your elderly relative is in better condition afterward to avoid falls that could put her in the same situation again.

As a family caregiver, it’s frustrating and scary to hear that your elderly loved one has injured or broken a hip. By responding quickly and getting her the right treatment, though, she can make a full recovery.

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